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Diesel Accessories:   Our Large Bore Products Group focuses on the need to measure & monitor cylinder pressures in large-bore engines and compressors. We offer a wide range  of indicator valves covering most large engines and compressors.  In addition,   we offer  K-Series Cylinder Pressure Indicator—a simple, rugged instrument for measuring the peak cylinder pressures.

Cylinder Pressure Indicator (Gauges):   These cylinder pressure indicators are based   on the trapped pressure concept and are used to measure the peak or maximum firing pressures of large bore diesel and natural gas engines during operation.

Standard Indicator Valves:    These Valves are designed to  “ Close with and open against engine pressure” insuring that the valve will not vibrate open. Designed and  durable for confined spaces.

Special Indicator Valves:  These valves incorporate the same design features as the standard valves and were developed for old and     / or obsolete engines for which the replacement parts were not available. 


Valve Accessories:   Indicator valve accessories were developed to meet the needs of the  operating personnel, improve the accessibility of valves with space resistance, insure personnel safety and extend the lift of the valve.

Product Include Indicator Valve Adapters. Both straight and elbow version; Indicator valve extensions, to extend the indicator connection of the valve for accessibility. Indicator Valve Caps to protect personnel from injury if a valve is accidentally opened.

A Nu-thread or Rethreading Die to Clean, straighten or recondition damaged indicator connections and a T-handled wrench to safely and easily open or close indicator valves.

Many Standard configurations are available for common engine applications and special products can be offered to suit specific customer requirements. 











Portable Tachometer:  These is a rugged hand-held tachometer that combines the convenience and ease of a pistol grip tachometer with the accuracy of a non-contact, optical instrument. It measures RPM by directing a built in  light source onto a reflective tape on the rotting object. It then displays the RPM in an easy to read digital form.

Safe,fast, simple operation, Convenient pistol grip design, 50-20,000 RPM range, Accuracy +/- 1 RPM,Non-Contact operation, Highly visible LCD display, Display updates once per second,May be tripod mounted , Operates on “ AA”batteries,LastMeasurement memory, Built in self calibration check

Fuel Injection Pump Calibrating Stand : Please send us your inquiry to have more information… 

Micro Alignment Telescope:

  • Used throughout industry for solving alignment problems
  • Robust, reliable and portable
  • Full range of accessories ensure versatility to a wide variety of applications

..with its Optical and Mechanical axes aligned to within 3 seconds, a typical accuracy of 50-70um at 30m is achievable.

Centrifugal Oil Cleaners (Filters) : Centrifugal force is capable of removing a wide range of particles extending into the sub-micron range. Analysis of the dirt collected by a MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge reveals an ability to remove particles of less than one micron in size, including engine clogging soot: oil films protecting critical engine components are equally as small if not removed contaminant particles in this size range cause component wear and a consequent reduction in engine durability.

Engine Tester for measuring and evaluating, cylinder pressure: Please send us your detail inquiry to have more information…


















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