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We can offer variety of Adhesives for many different applications and uses.

Liquid adhesives are effective total adhesive systems that are easy to apply and provide high performance bonds to most substrates, together with their appropriate primers and cleaner/thinners.

Hot melt adhesives are available in various forms to suit different application requirements. They provide bonds in seconds to a wide range of materials from metals, plastic and wood to stonework, cardboard and fabric.

Structural adhesives provide rapid bond development with high peel and sheer strength where impact and temperature resistance is important.

Engineering adhesives include Cyanoacrylates, or super glues, in various viscosities, anaerobic one-part adhesives which cure in the absence of air, and two-part epoxy adhesives, for extremely resilient bonds to many materials including wood, metal, glass, concrete and rigid plastics


         B  R  A  N  D  S

:: 3M  :: Araldite :: Bostik

:: Chomerics  :: Devcon

:: Dunlop  :: Evostik :: Loctite

::Sicomet :: Tretobond             

:: Permabond


SILICONE : A full range of high ad low modular SINICONE is available in clear and white and various colors, along with other sealants, adhesives and foams, including GLUE SCREWS construction adhesives which replace nails, screws and other fittings.

OILS & GREASES:  Engine Oils Gearbox Oils Hydraulic Oils Slideway Oils Neat & Soluble Cutting Oils







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